GoDaddy Promo Codes & Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

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Apr 2nd, 2018

‘If you build it, they will come’ is not necessarily true for websites. In fact there are millions of websites out there that languish in obscurity. Unless you work at promoting your site, odds are very few people will find it. Facebook is one of the most powerful tools you have available in online marketing today, and it’s actually very inexpensive advertising when compared to more traditional mediums like print.

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Getting Started with Facebook Advertising

Believed to be the king of the social media network, Facebook has over 500 million users worldwide is probably one of the highest traffic hubs on the internet. If you succeed with advertising on the social network giant, you could be opening a potentially massive sales funnel. Below are some strategies and tasks you should perform when using Facebook to advertise.

Create Targeted Ads

With Facebook advertising it is possible to create targeted ads, so they will only appear to certain groups based on age, gender, hobbies, etc. For example, you wish your ads to target single mothers; you will need to configure your ad only to appear if a user’s profile states they are a female, single and also a mother.

Maximizing your click-through rate

To minimize your costs, you will have to ensure your ad campaign is not only reaching your target market but also optimized for your ‘Click through Rate’. As a rule, your overall CTR should not fall below 2 %. If at any time your click-through rate falls below the 2% threshold you could risk Facebook pausing or deleting your advert. Avoid falling below 2% by regularly checking your click-through rate and making any necessary improvements.

One way you can help to keep your ads above 2% is to test various adverts to determine which of your ads works best for your industry or niche market.

Another option to consider which could impact your CTR is the time of day your ads appear. Facebook allows within the ad settings to choose when your adverts appear. It is possible to adjust your adverts settings so your ad will only run at certain times or specific dates if required. You should pay particular attention to your target countries time zones, and ensure your ads run at peak times.

Stay within the Advertising Guidelines

Ensure you are fully aware of Facebooks’s advertising guidelines. Facebook is flexible with the content they allow within the ads. However, you must ensure your ads do not display any offensive images or text. Also be aware that they do not like the images to have text on them, even if it is informational and relevant to what you are promoting. There is a text overlay tool you can use to check your image beforehand to make sure that the ad will not be rejected.

Setting your maximum bid

One essential task to perform is to set up your maximum daily bid. Please note the higher your bid, the more exposure your ad campaign will receive. To start with you may want to consider a lower bid then increase over time when needed.

Cost per click or Impression based ads

It is possible to create your Facebook ads as Impression based adverts or CPC based ads. CPC ads are charged every time a user clicks on your ad; impression based ads are priced by the number of times your ad appears on a page, regardless of how many times your ad is clicked. There are advantages for both systems. However, if you are new to Facebook advertising, you will be probably better off with CPC systems for the time being.

Facebook advertising is here to stay and will only continue to become more powerful. You will find compelling reasons at Facebook, and that is basically what so many businesses have discovered.You can easily design your ads and direct them to the prospective group. Always remember that you will need to get a lot of things right to see the best results, but many tools will be at your disposal.